Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Time to Write

With a toddler underfoot, a full time job, and no husband to help out I'm often left with the feeling of- well, where do I fit into the schedule? I'm sure most moms, even with lovely helpful husbands can relate to that feeling.

Truth is, it's hard as a mom to find any time to yourself, much less time enough to write a novel! Shoot, sometimes just a shower is a struggle! I know, I've been there.

The answer, you may not like. You just have to make time. I write on my lunch break and at night after my son is asleep. Those are the only times in the day I can really focus on my words. On weekends, I look forward to nap time because I know I'll get at least an hour if not two of undisturbed peace. Aaaaah, the sweet silence. That never inspires me. Eh, the muse likes the noise.

I write best in public, and places that are noisy. So, everywhere I go I carry a little notepad and pen. I even have my notepad in the bathroom while my little guy splashes merrily in the tub. It never fails to make me think of some crazy idea to move my story further.

All that being said, a goal can be the best way to keep momentum going. With my first novel I set a goal, I wanted to have the entire book written by March 2010. I'm an overachiever, I had it finished by early February. Rock on!

My goal for the project I've just started is five pages a day. I know that seems like nothing, but when you're faced with the challenges of motherhood on top of writing's enough. And I don't want to set a goal so high I'll never meet it...I don't do failure. Like, at all.

What are your goals for your work in progress?

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