Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Writing Retreat Spectacular!!

I think I'm going for a record today.  How many times can Holly blog in one day?  LOTS.

Spurred by a chain of comments on my blog post the other day, Alicia, Erinn, and I have been plotting.  We've come up with the idea of hosting a writers retreat for our blogger/writer friends! 

Here's the idea:  Bunches of blogging buddies, one trip, loads of laughs and learning along the way.  Critique sessions, all-night giggle fests, whatever your heart desires from the friends you only thought existed online!  If you're interested in being included in the awesomeness, give us your name and email address below.  Alicia is going to send out an email to everyone who responds with a survey. 

We're using the survey to determine the where, when, and how so that the most people possible can be accommodated.

The three of us are super excited about the possibility of meeting all of you in person! 


Alicia Gregoire said...

I think this will be an awesome thing.

And WV today? holynads. Only the best curse word ever.

KO said...

my schedule is crap, but this is such a fantastic idea!!!
I want to be in the loop!

Claire Dawn said...


I wanna, but being on the other side of the world is a bit restrictive. :(

Anonymous said...

Such a cool idea!!! Where are you located?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind! I'm an idiot.