Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fun - Pitching

I'm sure you can all guess this, but I'm still gathering info on pitching to an agent. Lo and behold on Monday morning what should pop into my Google Reader but another more than helpful post by agent Rachelle Gardner. Her posts are always spot on. Here is the list she gives for questions you need to have the answers to in order to give a good pitch. Some of these I really would never have thought of.

11 Questions for Crafting a Pitch:
(According to Rachelle Gardner)

1. What genre is your book?

2. What’s most unique or special about your book?

3. Who is the protagonist and what’s the most interesting thing about him or her?

4. Who is the antagonist and how is he/she standing in the way of the protagonist’s goal?

5. What conflict, dilemma or choice does the protagonist face?

6. What are the consequences of the choice or conflict?

7. What is the main event that gets the story started?

8. What are the main points of action that drive the plot?

9. What is the setting of the story?

10. What is the interesting backstory that affects your characters in the current story?

11. What is the book’s theme?

Pretty awesome, right? Now to get to work answering them. ;)


Erinn said...

WOW that's awesome, thank you!
Did you know you're a rock star?
Cause you are.

Holly Dodson said...

LOL Erinn, I do try. ;)

Claire Dawn said...

Yes, I saw this. I immediately copied and saved it to my computer. If I had a printer I'd hang it on my wall.