Monday, September 27, 2010


I did it. I met my goal. I finished all my edits on Emerald's Keeper and sent them off to the lovely KO for one last beta read!

I even made a nice detailed spreadsheet to put all the agent information in and track my queries.

Holy freaking cow.

I finished my edits in a restaurant on Saturday afternoon. The waitress had obviously noticed the large manuscript I had laid out on the table next to my laptop.

"What class is that for?" she asked.

I hesitated. "Um, well, I actually kinda wrote it. It's my novel."

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open a little. "No way. That's, like, every person's dream! And you, like, did it!"

I smile, uncomfortable with the attention. "Yeah, I guess so."

Something hit me at that moment. A new feeling of anxiety. This is really happening. I'm really about to start querying agents.

Holy freaking cow.

One day, sometime in the not-so-distant future I could have a book in bookstores. People like that waitress could read it. They could love it or they could hate it, but either way my words would be out in the world for anyone to read.

Pardon me while I have a panic attack. (Just kidding. Kinda.)


Susan said...

Now pardon me while I SQUEEEEE and do a happy dance. Go Holly, go Holly, it's your birthday... Woah... Stop me before I turn any lamer.

But for reals, go you!!!

Pam Harris said...

Isn't that the best feeling in the world? Just knowing you're done with a novel and ready for the world to see it. Woo hoo! You go! :)

Erinn said...

I've had those moments too. It's the fear of being criticized that scares the crap out of me.

Good luck with querying.

Abby Stevens said...

Oh congratulations, Holly! You're really doing it!!

And Erinn, I hear ya on that one! Criticism scares the heck out of me!

KO said...

I am loving it, BTW.
I need to be working, but instead...

Sandy Shin said...

Yay, congratulations! :D

LTM said...

yep, I hear ya! Five-second panic attacks allowed... Now get out there and send it!

WOOO!!! Go, Holly! :D

Holly Dodson said...

Thanks everyone! It scares the crap out of me to think about it. lol

Sarah Enni said...

YAY! Go Holly!!