Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy Monday - Meanings

So, how many three-year-olds have you met that can sing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds?

Super Spawn can. The whole way through. lol

We listen to Marley a lot in our house. One Love was my brother's song that he lived by...even had a One Love tattoo. So, naturally, we think it is the coolest thing on the planet that Super Spawn is randomly spouting off Marley lyrics.

This morning, as I sat here munching my english muffin trying to decide what to blog about, that song got me thinking. Do you write with a deeper meaning, or just for the story?

Let me explain what I mean. Many of the scenes in my stories have much deeper significance than just in the story itself. Phrases that I use, certain reactions from the characters, etc, may come from experiences that I've had or actual events in my own life.

The title of one of my WIPs is The Clock May Soon Be Still, which is a line from a poem my brother wrote. That whole MS is based around his poem.

I guess I'm just wondering who else does that. Do you think it makes a story stronger, or puts it in danger of being "too close" to the writer so they don't see the flaws?


Pam Harris said...

Wow, you really made me think with this post. I think when I first start writing a story, I have an initial idea. However, once I've begun writing and revising, I start noticing that some of my scenes have deeper meanings than I originally intended them to. I try not to go into a story with these intentions because then I start feeling pretty pretentious. :)

Janet Johnson said...

Interesting. I definitely use bits from my life, but I hadn't thought about making the meaning deeper that way.

Susan said...

Interesting post. I think to some extent we can get too close to the writing -- we don't see the problems with content when the subject matter is piece of our heart. (See this much more articulate explanation of what I mean:

At the same time, our writing must mean something to us. Readers won't feel passion unless the author does.

I guess I float down the middle. Some passages and reactions are drawn from my life, but the stories start with less traceable inspiration.

Erinn said...

I write for a story and lots of times a deeper meaning arises from that. Then I get all excited and think, Hot damn I'm smart, check me out with all the symbolism.

FOr me plot is king, everything else is just nice to have.