Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Super Spawn went to school dressed up as a fireman today.  He was so stinking cute!  Their school has a new theme every week, and this week's theme was fire safety.  So they've already had a visit from the local fire station, learned to dial 911, and to stop drop and roll. 

Today they're having a fireman parade, so they all came dressed as firemen! 

I adore his new preschool. 

Anyway, I've made good on my writing goal all week this week!  I'm so proud of myself!

I've also been working on gathering things to revamp my main website.  So if you travel over there, it's just a very generic setting right now without any real information.  I plan to get that back up and running this weekend.

In other news, make sure you tell Susan a big CONGRATS for some exciting happenings this week!!!  (I'll let her share said happenings if she wishes.)

What's going on for you guys this weekend?  I'm still gearing up for my conference and pitch session.  It's only two weeks away!



Susan said...

Go you for reaching your goals! You're a writing powerhouse.

Wow, a fireman parade sounds adorable. And what a col way to teach them fire safety!! Way to go new pre-school.

And thanks for the congrats. My lips are sealed for now. :) Don't want to jinx myself!

LTM said...

good luck w/the conference! And awesome on writing goals.

My daughters' preschool used to do that and my youngest is bothered by loud noises. The fire truck blasted its siren for them all on that visit and for WEEKS after, whenever we'd pass a fire station she'd start wailing... :D (she thought the siren was going to go off again.)

ehrm... backfire anyone? :D

KO said...

Glad you found the right school!
And congrats on actually writing. I am SO BEHIND.
very curious about Susan... but will try to not bug her until she lets the cat out of the bag

Amie Kaufman said...

A parade of preschoolers dressed as firemen? I would just die of the cute.