Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Drafts and Their Weaknesses

I had planned a post for you guys for yesterday, and then thought I could do it today.  Unfortunately my slacker sister hasn't emailed me the videos yet.

We had the best time waiting in line for the showing of Deathly Hallows.  We met some great people and made a bunch of hilarious videos.  I'll corner her and force her to email them to me on Thanksgiving if I have to.  So look for that post on Monday next week.

For today, lets talk first drafts. 

Setting is something I struggle with in my writing.  In my first drafts you can pretty much guarantee that you're only going to get a vague impression of what the setting is like.  It's not that I don't see the setting in my mind, it's just that I don't want to over do it.  So in the interest of not going overboard, I do too little.

I think it is always easier to add than it is to cut from scenes.

What about you guys? 

I also find that in my first drafts I rush scenes.  Hold on to your hat because we are going places, people! lol  My manuscripts grow exponentially in revisions.

All the NaNo talk has had me thinking about first drafts and the way they differ from person to person.  Everyone has their own processes, strengths, and weaknesses.

So what about you?  What are you first draft weaknesses?


Pam Harris said...

Setting is a HUGE weakness for me in first drafts. I'm also pretty heavy on the cliches: "Her eyes were as huge as saucers." And my character stare, shurg, smile, and laugh way more than necessary. I passed the 50k mark on NaNo, but probably won't finish the story itself until tomorrow. I'm going to take a few weeks off then butcher it with a red pen. I'm actually looking forward to it. :)

Marquita Hockaday said...

Like Pam I have issues with describing settings (my MFA professors have a time with me on that) and I also do a few cliched things every now and then. I'm also having trouble giving my characters actions when they talk- they all huff, shrug, roll their eyes, wring their hands together, stare etc. I am also looking forward to tearing my NaNo novel apart. I hope to finish it before Thanksgiving, but am going to let it simmer awhile and then rip into it...I just made myself more hungry :)

LTM said...

shew! I am so glad I'm not the only rushing writer! (Russian writer?) I fly through character intros, scenes, scene changes. It's like whiplash that first time. But I'm getting it all down... then, like you, I go back and beef it up, pad those holes, add word count~ :o)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Ah! What isn't my first draft weakness? My first draft is filled with tense shifts, too much back story, and little to no description or setting. I just want it all out, you know?

Claire Dawn said...

I love settings. Especially when they;re intertwined with the story without taking it over.

I think my weakness in frist drafts is everything that's in the background. The MC and his/her plotline are fine, but everybody else is a hot mess.

hopefully this nano will be better.