Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a *headdesk* kind of day

I was planning a picture post for you guys.  Then everything went haywire.  So I have no pictures.


In their place I give you.... VIDEO CUTENESS!!  After I made the vlog for you guys last week, the only thing Super Spawn wants to do is record himself.  So, here are a couple doses of cuteness for you today...

On a sorta side note -- is anyone else out there dealing with food allergies?  I believe I've mentioned before that Super Spawn is allergic to nuts.  Well, I was worried that with Halloween he'd feel a bit upset when I removed all the unsafe candy from his bucket. 

Boy was I surprised when that only turned out to be a handful worth!  Most of the candy he got was totally safe for him to eat.  YAY for a safe Halloween!!


Susan said...

Scooby dooby doo -- where are you!?!?!? I LOOOVE IT!

That is so cute. He's adorable...and I'm cracking up over the Scooby shout out.

As for food allergies, I can't help you... Sorry. No allergies in my family.

Sarah Enni said...

AH A Super Spawn reading vlog! That is so awesome - he is a total natural. :)

I used to work at a candy store, and the owner's son had severe nut allergies. We were vigilant in making sure customers knew what candy had been processed in a facility with nuts, and we made sure to use new gloves, jars, scoops, etc when handling candy for kids with nut allergies. I don't think most people understand how intense the consequences of their actions could be.

But I am so glad you hardly had to worry about it! Taking candy away from a kid that earned it would NOT be fun!

Holly Dodson said...

Sarah- YES! Most people don't understand what a nut allergy really means. My own dad threw and handful of snickers in SS's bucket. *glares at Dad* lol But overall, none of it bothered SS, and that really impressed me.

And I was SO pleased that most people didn't hand out chocolate. YAY for great neighbors!

Erinn said...

I couldn't watch the video because I needed a plug in.

My daughter didn't get a whole lot of candy, but she did get a comic book about a dog getting put to sleep but was saved by God.

Yeah I kinda would have liked more candy, because YIKES that comic was creepy.

Holly Dodson said...

Erinn- WHO would hand something like that out to small children? Trick-or-treating or not, that's something I'd be *livid* about. Your LO isn't old enough to read it yet right? Because that would probably make me punch someone. A comic about a dog dieing? For a kid on Halloween? Inappropriate. I'm getting all riled up for you! lol

Pam Harris said...

Too cute! That made my morning after dealing with sheer madness at work--thanks. :)

LTM said...

yes, my vlogs would all be my babies! :D They're much cuter than me, IMO!

No food allergies here, but I do have a friend whose daughter has egg allergies... yikes! That's like EVERYTHING.

I think nut allergies have gotten so common, kid food mfrs are removing them or labeling super well now! :o) <3

KO said...

He's so cute! Wish you were close enough for a playdate with my two guys.
No nut allergies here, and I can't imagine how difficult that would be. Ug. Kids are hard enough to watch as is. Glad it wasn't too crazy!

Claire Dawn said...

Scooby Doo! Too cute :)