Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Recommendation - From the Query to the Call

From the Query to the Call
By Elana Johnson

"An aspiring author's guide to writing a query letter." You can buy this ebook on Elana's website.

This is a handy dandy little book that, in my opinion, everyone should have. Elana packed it full of helpful advice, worksheets (YES!! I LOVE WORKSHEETS!!), query letter examples, and everything you need.

The book is easy to navigate. If you want to jump to a specific section, just click on the link that's in the left toolbar. There are actual real-life queries that landed agents through the pages, as well as their draft form with comments.

Everything about this book is helpful and informative. I am about to take the plunge and start writing my query letter, and it doesn't look nearly as intimidating now that I'm armed with worksheets!

Did I tell you I love worksheets?

I did? Oh. Good. 'Cause I love 'em.


Erinn said...

Nice review. I've been trying to gather up my resources and rereading them before I head off and start revising. Sounds like a great book for me to pick up.

Did you like the worksheets?

Elana Johnson said...

Hey, thanks for such a great review! *smiles*

Holly Dodson said...

You're very welcome, Elana. You earned it!

Pam Harris said...

I've been debating whether or not to get this book. I have now been swayed. Great review. :)