Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tipsy Tuesday- Computer Woes

Well, seeing as I experienced the writer's worst nightmare this weekend, I thought I'd share some resources to help make it not so nightmareish.

There are a couple places I've found that will store up to 2GB of files for FREE:



They also both offer upgrades for larger storage space at pretty low rates. I use Dropbox...I didn't know about Mozy until I started compiling this list, but it looks just as good.

Carbonite was recommended by a commenter on Saturday. It offers unlimited backup capacity for $50 a year. That's probably a better deal than both Dropbox and Mozy if you have a lot of files to save.

Geek Squad also offers online backup- 25G for $50 a year. Again, Carbonite is the better option if you have more than 25G.

So, even if you only back up your novel files and the most important pictures -- please, please, please do. You just never know when Mr. Murphy will visit you for a day!

Are there any other good places out there to back things up that I missed? Grated, this isn't an all-inclusive list.


Abby Stevens said...

I back up all my pictures on an external hard drive. :)

Janet Johnson said...

Great suggestions! We have an external hard drive too, but if a fire hits, I'd sure be glad I backed up in cyberspace.

Thanks for the links!

Holly Dodson said...

Yeah, I'm so not tech savvy. I didn't even think about an external hard drive. hehehe. Genius!

Sandy Shin said...

Thank you for these links! Computer failure is a nightmare of mine.