Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Fun

I've got a question for you, my lovelies.

How do you manage your files?
Do you handle them differently for a work-in-progress than a revision?

I was reading a blog the other day- this one on GotYA- and a commenter mentioned the way they keep their files. It got me thinking.

A writer friend of mine houses each chapter in it's own file- all files in a specific folder for the project.

Me? I have one file for the novel, a file for the query, synopsis- you get the picture, and all of those are kept in a project folder on my desktop. I also back them up on jump-drives. I don't save multiple formats of my novel's file, I simply save over it as I revise.

There is no BookRevision1, BookRevision2 for me. I'd never keep it all straight. I do keep a file of scraps if I delete a large chunk of text. Just in case. And I have a copy of the original first draft for posterity. It, however, is saved in a different place.

What about you? How do you keep your files? Perhaps I'm the oddball, I don't know. (Wouldn't be anything new!)

On a rather humorous side note- Super-spawn has gotten to where he can recite the first three Harry Potter movies. (The parts I let him watch anyway.) He's not even three yet! I'm raising him right. ;)


Elana Johnson said...

Oh, I just have one file. If I have too many files, I don't know which one to work in. When I work on a book that's already written, I do "save as" and save it when the date. That's it. That way, I can go to the latest date and know that's the one I worked on last.

Jen said...

You are definitely raising the kid right! Go you!!!

I originally had so many files it would make even your mothers head hurt!!! (yeah that wasn't weird) nonetheless I recently changed it to the current story I was working on had it's folder (titled the title of the novel) and inside I have the Original and then Revisions #1, #2, etc. it seems to work a lot more efficiently than planned!!!

Holly Dodson said...

You guys both sound more organized than me. You know that saying- a cluttered desk is a sign of genius? I rather hope it's true.

~B~ said...

I send myself emails in Yahoo and then toss them all in a folder called "writing". I don't recommend this system. For works that are ready to share I put them up on my blog and schedule a publish date a few days out. Sometimes I get back to it and sometimes not but no one's reading yet anyway. :)