Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun

How cool is this? I made it at for my novel, Emerald's Keeper. If you click on it you can see a bigger image.

Wordle: Emerald's Keeper

We also had family pictures made this weekend. Isn't my Super-Spawn so stinking cute?! The photos were taken by the fabulous Brett Butler. He also did some head-shots for my website, so those will be up soon!

In other (not so) fun news- I've fractured a couple bones in my foot. I'm such a klutz! I should really just stay stationed at my computer all the time so as to not injure myself. Super-Spawn also has an infection in a cut on his leg. Greeeat. Ever had to give a toddler 2 different oral antibiotics and rub him in cream three times a day? Is. Not. Fun. He's a pretty good sport as long as I promise him coke. Hey, whatever it takes right? He doesn't need to know his coke is all natural and made from organic ingredients. Just like his cookies. Sneaky mom strikes again!

Do any of my other lovely blog friends live in Florida? I am so looking forward to the 9th Annual Florida Writers Conference! It is being held in Orlando, FL October 22-24 this year. I'm already saving to make the trip. I'm also planning to enter the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Competition with Emerald this year. If you're local and interested you can go to the Florida Writers Association website for more details.

Also be sure to check out Gatekeeper's guest blog post about taking writer's jealousy and turning it into something positive.

Do the Write Thing is going on this week as well as a fundraiser for the people impacted by the Nashville flood. Go over to the blog and bid on signed copies of books, query critiques, manuscript critiques and much more for a good cause.

Have a great weekend all!

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