Monday, May 17, 2010

Mommy Monday

Warning: I've been thinking again!

Question of the day: Does being a parent affect what you write? Why or why not?

What I mean is- as you're brainstorming/writing do you stop and think, "Hmm, what would Super-Spawn like to read?"

Now, Super-Spawn is a fair distance from being able to sit and read a novel, but I still think about it. It's something I consider especially when I'm brainstorming for new projects, but not anything I've really acted on either. Both of my novels are about teenage girls- probably won't be exactly his cup of tea, but you never know. Though, I have found myself wondering lately if I could come up with a middle-grade story for a boy- specifically with Super-Spawn in mind.

Then I wonder if it would be smart to try and purposefully design a story that way. I'll admit, my ideas are not formulated. They come to me unbidden with full plot-lines at random moments- usually in traffic. So I don't know if I could force an idea out or not.

I think that's about the only way my mommy status really influences my writing. Well, other than the obvious time constraints. I tend to find my way around those- read: Harry Potter is on and SS is acting it out as I type. Heh. His favorite part is the Knight Bus, we watch it over and over as he rides his little school bus doing the crazy fig-head laugh screeching, "It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" Love it. He couldn't care less about the rest of the movie, just the "school bus" as he calls it.

What about you guys?


Jen said...

Your little one sounds adorable!!! I love that he's already a Harry fan, or at least a fan of the knight bus! Gotta start somewhere!

I have no children of my own so I can't really partake in this piece but I definitely could see that it might make a difference, possibly through different emotions. I think those with children might have a lot more patience and compassion than those without. Not that it can't be obtained but children automatically requires more patience!

Holly Dodson said...

Thanks, Jen. I'm rather fond of the squirt. ;) I actually read to him from the Sorcerer's Stone at night as well. He's crazy about all things Potter.