Monday, August 15, 2011

Character Q&A

We somehow survived the zombie virus that infected our house last week.  It was a close call though.  ;)  I suppose that means Super Spawn and I will be among the last standing survivors for the new world?  Yes?

Or maybe I live in books too much.  lol

Anyway, while I was nursing poor Super Spawn, before I became infected, I was working on something new for me: a character worksheet.  I know, this whole planning things is going to my head.  But I found it kind of fun.

It felt more like I was sitting down interviewing my characters one by one and getting to know them before we get into the thick of our adventure together.  NEWS FLASH: this is good.  (Well, it's good for me.)

I asked them things like what their favorite past-time was, who they hated the most at school.  Then, since this is a group of friends that have known each other forever, I asked them to give one word descriptions of each other.  That was a very telling experience and I got a good feel for their mannerisms and how they interacted with that exercise.

And I sound super NUTS like I'm sitting in a circle chatting with these invisible teens.  I SWEAR I'M NOT CRAZY.  Er, not that crazy.  I was really just filling out a spreadsheet, I promise.

What about you guys, do you spend quality time with your characters before you ever start writing, half-way through, or do you get to know them as you go?  And most importantly, do you feel it helps or hinders you?

I've always been a get to know them as I go girl, but again with this whole outline take on things -- I'm feeling like getting to know them better early on is going to help with voice and such, which means less revisions later.

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