Monday, August 29, 2011

Keeping My Promise

So, remember a while back when I mentioned that I would be one of a million to get a first look at Pottermore thanks to the Magic Quill challenge?  And remember how I promised to share a little more about it once I did?

Well, on Friday, I got my official welcome letter, and have been playing on Pottermore ever since. 

Guys it is SO FREAKING AWESOME.  The graphics are unparalleled.  Really I've never seen such beautiful graphics before.  Since it's still in beta, there are some bugs, but that'll be fixed by October when the site opens to all.

Since the biggest mystery of all is what it actually entails, here you go. 

Things you can do on Pottermore:

1.  Explore the chapters -  each chapter has 2 or 3 scenes constructed in the most gorgeous artwork ever.  You can zoom in on the images and search to collect things like chocolate frog cards, books, and potion ingredients.  This is also where you'll find the exclusive new content from Rowling.  (As writers, you will most certainly appreciate this new content.  One in particular had this sap in tears.  It's so so so amazing.)

2.  A wand and a sorting -  your first time through you go through a series of questions to determine your wand and then your house.  (RAVENCLAW FTW!)

3.  Earn house points -  there is a house cup (though I'm not quite sure how that works, or when it's awarded) that you earn points for by finding the items hidden through the chapters, and by successfully brewing potions or dueling with other students.

4.  Brewing potions -  yes, you can really for real brew potions.  I'm quite good at it, but it's very hard.  You've got to move fast and get everything just right.  If you don't, your cauldron will explode.  True fact.

5.  Duel -  I haven't gotten to do this yet, dueling has been down since I joined, but I've been practicing my spells.  I'll be ready once it's fixed.

6.  Common Rooms -  each house has its own common room where you can see what fellow house members are talking about.  I don't know about the other houses, but everyone in Ravenclaw is incredibly friendly and helpful!

That's a rundown for now!  I'm sure more will be added as we go -- all the beta testers are working hard at giving feedback and suggestions (and trying to win house points, of course lol).  Overall, Pottermore is addictingly fun.

Are any of you beta testers for Pottermore?  I'd love to hear what you think -- or to add you as my friend on there!

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