Monday, August 1, 2011


My blood is magical.

Er, at least that's what the site said when I made the cut for Pottermore early registration Sunday morning.  :)  <-- that's an understated smiley.  I feel more like this: 

 If you're clueless, go to the Pottermore Insider and read.  The site is an online reading experience for the Harry Potter books.  You've heard of it, right?  It opens to the public in October, but they're having a string of contests for a week to allow a million (I think) people in for early beta testing.

Being over the top excited to get in on this early is one thing, but to think about the implications this could hold for all books is another. 

Think of it this way -- it's turning the whole book, the whole reading experience, into an interactive experience.  A game almost.  From where I'm sitting, this looks like a whole new realm to be opened up and explored, most especially for those reluctant readers.

I know there have been things like interactive book apps for kids and such, but Pottermore is taking it to a much higher level.  You don't just read the book, you live it.  Sometimes I think we all wish we could live inside some of our favorite stories, and now we get to go one step closer to that.

What do you guys think?  Excited about Pottermore?  Interested to see where you think it could take the future of books.  This is not meant as a doomsday for books post.  I think anything that draws more people in to reading is great.  :) 

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