Saturday, July 17, 2010

Community Critique Party

Alright, peeps, here's what we're going to do.

Starting today I'm going to open up the floor for submissions for a community critique party. (Party makes it sound way more fun.) You may submit a maximum of 1 page -- ONE PAGE -- for critiquing. It can be your query letter, your first page, your short synopsis, anything. It can be a random scene from the middle of the book that you're struggling with. Although, if that is the case include a few lines to lead us into it. Also include your genre, and let's keep it to YA, MG stuff. I think that is what most all of us write anyway, right?

I'm putting on my serious face here.

See? That's me serious.

Now, you may email your submission to me at Holly (at) hddodson (dot) com. In the subject line you MUST put Community Critique Party. Absolutely no attachments will be opened. If you can't follow my directions, well, you don't get to participate. Paste the page you'd like to have critiqued in the body of your email.

There's a catch -- and I know, it's mean of me, but it's my game so I get to make the rules. If you submit a page, you are required to also critique the other submissions. Not all of them, but at least a couple. Also, no snark. I will not hesitate to pull any rude comments down. This is to be a helpful critique session, not a snarkfest.

I'm opening the window for submissions beginning 8:00 am EST Saturday July 17, 2010 and the window will close at 5:00 pm EST on Friday July 23, 2010. I reserve the right to close the window early if my inbox explodes.

Then starting on the 26th I will post one page per day for everyone to comment on. This is where you guys can really help by promoting the page that is up to be critiqued each day. The more eyes, the more we all benefit.

I have no idea how many entries this will garner, but we'll see how it goes. Who knows, if it's something we all enjoy, maybe it can be a regular thing. Let's just see how it turns out.

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LTM said...

excellent! That'll give me a chance to revise/test out a new open on BNN... :o) Thanks, Holly!

You should make a graphic for peeps to put on their blogs for promotion... like community critique party and a pinata or something...

yeah, I'll stick w/creative *writing.* ;p