Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fun

Wow, Friday again already!

Make sure you get your page in for the Community Critique Party by 5pm EST today! I've gotten some really great submissions, so come with your critical eye, ready to help your fellow authors out!

How it's going to work:

I've got posts scheduled to show up at 8am each day. Read through it and post anything you feel could be improved on, questions you feel need to be addressed, etc in the comments. Keep it nice! I will be moderating the comments, and I will not allow any snark! We want to be positive and helpful.

Don't forget -- along with the things that need improvement, comment on the things you really like about the page. It is just as important to point out the things that are working as the things that aren't.

Let's do this thang! hehe

*Just a note: For the sake of continuity I'm rounding everyone's one page subs to about 250 words. It won't be exact, but then at least all the posts will be relatively the same length.*

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I'm really excited about this! It should be a great learning experience. :)