Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fives -- Fictionalized

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I think about this a lot, and I'm willing to bet we all do as writers.  So, without further ado...

1.) I'd like to see more kick-butt heroines.  I know that in the real world a lot of girls (young ones especially) do just let people run them over.  Hey, I've been there, I've had my slice of that pie.  But it's because I've been there that I want to see the opposite in my books.  Books, to me, are inspiring -- they make me dream bigger and wider and farther than I ever would have before.

2.) I'd love to see more fantasy, but not necessarily epic fantasy. I really love losing myself in a world with new rules and adventures.  *cough*harrypotter*cough*  My favorite fantasies are based in and around the real world, they just add something more to it.

3.)  For this one, I'll reveal a deep, dark secret -- Westerns.  I was raised around horses, on farms, with fields of peanuts and groves of pecan trees on either side.  (And Super Spawn wound up with a pecan allergy! *cries*)  But I would LOVE to see some YA Westerns on the shelves.  A little less love, a lot more action.  And I may or may not be working on one... ;)

4.)  Action, action, ACTION!  Explosions?  YES.  Hand to hand combat?  PLEASE!  Just give me something with some boy appeal!  I want that kick-butt hero(ine) to really take it to the next level -- put my butt on the edge of my seat and KEEP IT THERE!

5.) Above all, I want something different.  I know that's a tall order, but I feel like the shelves (YA shelves, that is) are overrun by apocalypse, dystopians, and paranormals.  Give me something funny, give me a new time period, give me a new experience!!  No matter what genre it sits in, I want to see something fresh.

What about you guys?  What are five things you'd like to see in fiction?

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