Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Very Unscientific Statistics

I am no statistician.  I'll be the first to admit that.  I *hated* statistics in college, and I'm actually really good at math.  Just not statistics.  So, I thought about doing percentages and making charts for you, but...well, no.  Just no.  Sorry.  ;)


Anyway, on to the point.

Via my Facebook page (which is personal, not for writing stuff) I posed a question to my friends:

"Facebook friends, I want answers. What makes you buy a book (or check it out from the Library)? Is it the cover? The blurb on the back? The publisher? Something totally different?  I want to know."

The #1 answer:  COVER.

Coming in a close #2:  Title.

#3 answer: Familiar author.

#4:  Blurb on the back.

and last, but not least #5:  Recommendation from a friend.

What do you think about those answers?  Do you agree with them?  I have to say, I do get a lot of books on recommendation, but if I'm browsing blindly, the cover is definitely the first thing that pulls me in.

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