Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fives -- It's the little things 

1. Pinterest - Pictures are my first go-to when I need a bit of inspiration, and there's no better way to find, categorize, or store them than Pinterest.  One intriguing image and my mind starts whirling, slinging questions, spinning plots, and I'm off on a new adventure.

2.  Get Out - Getting out of the house for a while, even if I just move my computer to the nearest coffee shop, can open my brainwaves up like nothing else.  New scenery, chattering people, and strong coffee are just the ticket.

3.  Super Spawn - I know I'm sorta biased, but I think my kiddo is just about the smartest kid out there.  He is incredibly perceptive, and I find a lot of my inspiration comes from questions he asks, or things he says.  If I'm stuck at a plot point, usually it's his sweet little face that utters something that smashes everything into place, and helps me realize what I'm doing wrong. 

4.  Friends - Seriously, my writer friends/beta readers/Goddesses of Brainstorming are irreplaceable.  I can fire off an email with a question, and in quick syncopation my inbox bings with answers and ideas.  Or if I'm having trouble thinking through (yet another) plot point, a chat with one of them will bring everything into focus.  (I love you guys!)

5.  Books - I think this one is kinda DUH, but reading a really great book gets my blood roaring and my heart pumping, ready to take on the challenge of becoming even a tenth as good as whoever the author is at writing.  ;)

What about you all?  What five things inspire your writing?

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