Monday, October 17, 2011

Links Galore

So today I'm going to join in on the fun of the 7x7 award that is circling which is supposed to highlight some of my past blog posts. I hope you'll enjoy the links I've included! :)

Most Beautiful: I think I have to choose Behind the Mask

Most Helpful: I'd say my Using Analytics - An Overview was a pretty helpful post.  Lots of diagrams and general awesomesauce.

Most Popular: Well, the post with the most pageviews (according to my Google Stats) is Frazzled Mom Brain.  That kinda makes me giggle.  The next most popular, aside from contest posts, is from the Query Letter Blogfest that Alicia, Erinn, Pam, Quita, and I hosted together.  You can read the query I used for Happily Never After there.  :)

Most Controversial: Have I ever written a controversial post?  Maybe Adverbs count.

Most Successful: Define successful.  lol  This is HARD!  Maybe my Outlining Your Novel Part 1 and Part 2 series of posts.

Most Underrated: Blerg, I don't know.  I really like this post, Sometimes it Doesn't, which was very sincere and has an important message.

Most Prideworthy:  I'm really proud of my post, This is for YOU.  It stands true to this day, and I hope you all know that writing this blog is about so much more than splattering my randomness on the internet.

Whew!  That was tough, but that's a pretty cool compilation of blog posts (many of which I had forgotten about).  Thank you, Miss Cole for sharing the meme with me!

Now I expect you all to go complete this meme as well, because I want to know what kind of awesome posts I've missed on your blogs!  ;)

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