Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Poem By Me

Today is the second anniversary of my younger brother's death.  I've written a poem I'd like to share with you all in memory of him:

Scars of Our Hearts

Silence surrounds in place of your laughter
A hint of longing forever after
Where tears will fall and fall again
This life with you we once began

Though you're with us nevermore
Days exist just like before
But different where the shadow bends
Around our heads and lifts our chins

We must go on through all the strife
And truth be told it's what you'd like
All we do, we do for you
For this life you never knew

Let's laugh, let's cry, let's say again
That too soon you met your end
Then once more the dust we'll gather
And mesh and press our hearts together.

-Holly Dodson 2011

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