Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fives -- A World Away

1.  Of course this would have to be Harry Potter, because -- it's Harry Potter.  I mean, you guys know me well enough to know OF COURSE I want to live in the magical world.  :D

2.  Perhaps the world of Once Upon A Marigold would be fun -- I mean, as long as I wasn't the one on the evil witch's bad side.  

3.  For the most part, I would not want to live in the worlds Juliette Marillier creates (even though they rank among my all-time favorites).  Let's face it, they're kinda evil.  Except maybe Wildwood Dancing...which that's really all about the choices you make.  Sorta.  No?  Well...still...I can't have a list without one of her books at least.  

4.  I'm realizing most of the books I read are either set in the real world or in REALLY SCARY other worlds.  Hmm...

5.  Dr. Seuss.  Maybe I could live in Oh the Places You'll Go...

Can you guys name five book worlds you'd like to live in?

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