Monday, August 16, 2010


It's time for the Birthday Party, Follower Celebration Contest BONANZAAAA!!


One lucky winner will receive:

A surprise from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
Your choice of an ARC: The Wave by Susan Casey, The King's Mistress by Emma Campion, or Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy.
My copy of Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass
AND one of my favorite pens- Uniball Signo

So how do you enter?! Easy!

  1. You must be a follower to enter.
  2. In your comment tell me which Hogwarts House you belong in.
  3. Tweet about it for 1 extra entry per tweet (just leave your @ in the comments)
  4. Blog about it for 3 extra entries (leave a link to your blog)

You do not have to tweet or blog about it to enter, just tell me which House you belong in. The tweets and blogs are just for extra chances to win!

Then on August 28th, on my birthday, in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a winner will be chosen! I'll post the winner on Monday August 30th along with pictures!

Entries open today! Good luck!


Susan said...

I won't compete in the contest since I live in Germany... The shipping bill would be inexcusable. :)

HOWEVER, I want to say what house I'd be in! Ravenclaw for sure! I even own a Ravenclaw patch that's sewed onto my backpack. I know -- I'm super cool, huh?

Why Ravenclaw? Because I value intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit. Plus, Ravenclaw has the best colors and coolest mascot (yay for raptors!).

Holly Dodson said...

Susan, I'm totally a Ravenclaw too!! And I plan on buying a Ravenclaw shirt, pin, patch, whatever else I find lol No wonder we work so well together! ;)

And you can enter the contest if you want, I don't mind shipping to Germany if you win. I actually have another friend that lives over there, so I'm used to the shipping.

LTM said...

woo! Perfect Chemistry's on the move again~ I wonder if it'll go around the world?

I took that little quiz a while back, and it seems my house was Griffendor. That's where I'd want to be anyway!

Have FUN! :o)

Sarah Enni said...

Count me in the Ravenclaw count! I was always anxious for school to start again (and sort of miss it... a lot) so I think that house would be perfect for me.

I RT-ed the contest!

The Blue Lipstick Samurai said...

Not trusting my own judgement, I took a quiz... And was dorkily excited to find out Gryffindor. Or, in my case, GryffinDork.

I'm a follower!
I tweeted! (
It's on my sidebar until the contest ends! (

Ashley's Bookshelf said...

Hi. I took the quiz and I was Hufflepuff!

Great giveaway!

Tweeted :

If you are ever in the need of a review then please email me at:

Alicia Gregoire said...

I took the quiz and I'm Gryffindor. I blogged about the quiz here ( and tweeted here ( and I follow.

Erinn said...
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Erinn said...

Blog Fail-- I didn't tally

I took a quiz a long time ago and it said I was a gryffindor. +1

Tweeted about the contest! +1

(will probably it do it a few times, because I'm a contest slut.) And I just read Perfect Chemistry from the library and would LOVE to own my own copy of it

Link to blog and it's in the side bar as well! +3

And I follow and comment a WHOLE lot.

Total so far 5

Sarah E Olson said...

Saw Erinn's tweet about your contest, so I thought I'd check out your blog. I'm a writing mama too.

I'm definitely a Gryffindor.

KO said...

I did 2 quizzes, and came out Ravenclaw in both.

Molly said...

New follower, but follower all the same, and I'm a RavenDor! Or... Griffinclaw! You mean I can only choose one? Okay, I'm a Ravenclaw. :) And I tweeted!

misha1989 said...

I am a follower .Please enter me if this is international.Thanks!
I am a Ravenclaw



Liz. R said...

I'm a follower! Only enter me if you'd be able to ship to the UK though. I took a quiz and got Gryffindor :P.

Thanks for the giveaway :).


Tore said...

I am a follower. Please enter me in contest.

Brooke said...

I'm definitely a Ravenclaw!

Lydia Kang said...

I thought I was a Ravenclaw, turn's out I'm a Hufflepuff. Not as cool, but I guess I'm reliable!

KO said...

Okay- catching up on the blogging about this contest-- if its not too late...
you're on the sidebar

Natasha said...

Awesome contest! I am a Gryffindor for sure! I love Harry Potter!

I follow!


jecca said...

i took the quiz and i belong in Hufflepuff for being loyal, dependable, and hardworking :)

im a follower.

Llehn said...

I'm a Hufflepuff girl.

I'm a follower.


Vampires and Tofu said...

Ravenclaw all the way! Thanks for hosting the contest, great giveaway!

GABY said...

Not sure if this contest is international...but if it's, count me in!

I am a Gryffindor!


Mrs. DeRaps said...

I belong to Ravenclaw because I'm creative and like intellectual pursuits.


mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

Kaya said...

Count me in if this is international please.

I'm a follower.

As much as I'd like to be in Gryffindor, I think I'd be in Hufflepuff.


Kris said...

I'm a follower. Total Hufflepuff through and through. No test or sorting required. :)


I tweeted the contest

FionaChan said...

1. am a follower!
2. Ravenclaw! :D Honestly, I don't care which Hogwart house, as long as I get to be in Hogwarts!
+1 tweet:
+3 blog post:

cool prizes! and happy birthday in advance! :D
feeyonachan at gmail dot com

Angela M. said...

I'm a new follower! I'm Gryffindor according to the hat :) I've added you to my sidebar. Thanks for the contest.

francis leonela said...

im a new follower!:)

and ill go for Hufflepuff!!

Theresa said...

I definitely believe that I belong in the Gryffindor House.