Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Road Trip Wednesday

Iiiiiiiit's Road Trip Wednesday! Visit the YAHighway for everyone's answers.

This week's topic: How would YOU impress (or not impress) the Hunger Games judges?

Do I get a gun? As random a question as that may seem, I'm an excellent shot. Okay, so, I was raised in the South with a dad who hunted -- of course I know how to handle a gun. I can, in fact, take down a moving target that is obscured by brush and trees.

My dad used to set targets up randomly out in the woods, just to see if I could hit them. I could. I don't think I ever missed one.

So, if I could have a gun, I'm pretty sure I could impress the Hunger Games judges with my mad skillz. lol Not that I would be able to shoot people if I were in the games. I think I'd have to show them just what I thought of their games, and take my life back into my own hands.

That's a really morbid thought, but this is the Hunger Games we're talking about. I wouldn't spit the berries out.

Show of hands, how many of you are reading, or have already consumed, Mockingjay? I'm about half way through -- I had to force myself to go to sleep last night so I can savor the ending tonight. lol


KO said...

I am waaay behind. I still need to read book two.
I am also from the south and also know how to shoot a gun... but I'm afraid I would suck now, not having done it in about 15 years...

LTM said...

well, all right, Annie Oakley! ;p MOCKINGJAY is in my possession... I'm on p. 107... mer mer mer. Bad things happening, bad things happening... I'm ready for something GOOD. Bring on the kissing--LOL!!! :D

Sarah Enni said...

You have real survival skills!! I totally do not. Unless speed-reading counts, because I finished the book THIS MORNING.

Hurry and finish so we can discuss!!