Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fun

So, what did you all think of the Critique Party? Was it useful?

I know my query is going to sparkle and shine now!

Thank you all so much for participating, I had a lot of fun reading everyone's pages and responses. Even seeing people's critique's on someone else's work can make a light bulb go off in my head. "Hey, that's what my story needs!"

Well, I'm at 49 followers, and my birthday is this month. Sounds like it's almost time for a CONTEST!

I'm actually going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my birthday.(SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!) Aside from my overwhelming excitement, I think I may just bring a prize back for a contest!! I've got some ARC's to give away, and paired with Harry Potter prizes? Well, I'm not sure it gets much better.

So, that's coming! My birthday isn't until the 28th, so I think I'll tie the contest around that date...somehow. OOH! Maybe I'll get my lovely cousin to pick the winner IN HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!!!! ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

OMG. I'm a little excited at the idea.

Dates and rules will come soon. Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!


Sarah Enni said...

THANK YOU so much for hosting the Community Critique party. It was so fun and interesting and, most importantly, really helpful.

YAY for birthdays and YAY for HP and even more YAYS for contests!! You have an exciting month ahead!

LTM said...

I thought the critique party was awesome! You rule.

have fun at the WWHP! I'll be interested to see what you bring back~ :o)