Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Surprise!

An answer to my truths and lies!

  1. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. - LIE! I very rarely eat sweets believe it or not.
  2. My favorite type of food is Italian. - LIE! Mexican food, baby!
  3. I cannot stand going to the beach...the sand sticks to you and creepy crawlies in the water...yuck! - LIE! I freaking love the beach...and swimming in the ocean!
  4. I have inspirational sayings plastered across my office walls. - TRUTH!
  5. I do nothing by a schedule -- wing it all! - LIE! A big fat lie. I plan everything, and drive my sister crazy with it.
  6. I do not, in fact, have an itinerary already set for my trip to HP world. - LIE! I do. Glenna totally nailed me on this one.
  7. Super Spawn is actually an evil genius in disguise as a 3 year old.- LIE! Apart from his likeness to Stewie, I fully expect Super Spawn to save the world some day.

So, I'd like to pass my "Creative Blogger" award on to these lovely bloggers:


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LTM said...

doh! well, aren't you inspirational... ;o) fun stuff~