Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fun

I have fallen in love, my lovelies!
With my new Nook.

What did you think I was in love with? Not something non-book related I hope? ;)
I went yesterday on my lunch break to Barnes and Noble (which is located quite conveniently -- only 4 miles from my office). Now, I had planned to wait until Saturday to purchase my new toy, but where's the fun in that? Happy early birthday to me! (I like this using my birthday as an excuse to buy things for myself idea. Wonder how long I can keep it up...)

I'm the most impatient person, like, ever. Let's just be honest.

I got a pretty case for it too... Which turned out quite well -- they didn't have any more in stock, so I had to buy the display, so I got 30% off! Rock on. This was the case I really wanted, so I wasn't going to buy a different one. And who doesn't love a bargain? (The back of it is a ? I find it so funny.)

So, I sat in the Starbucks area, whipped out my netbook (another thing I'm in love with), and set it up. I downloaded 3 books and preordered Mockingjay all before I left. Haha.

IT IS SO COOL! As a small note -- I have no problem with the touch screen navigation (I had seen some iffy reviews on it).

I started reading The Eternal Ones on it last night. You'll get that review on Thursday.

Point being -- I'm a happy camper, I totally love it. Thanks to those of you who helped me make my decision.


Nomes said...

so glad youre into it.

i am a little scared of them for some reason...

and yay for buying things early. i do that too :)

KO said...

I am definitely asking for a digital reader for the next major holiday. I think ipad is well out of my range, so it's down to nook or kindle.
Happy birthday!!!
Yay you!
And you MUST treat yourself. Moms don't do it enough.

Susan said...

Yay for e-reader love! I'm glad you took the plunge and joined the wave of the future. Just because we've gone digital doesn't mean we don't still like paper-books!

Alicia Gregoire said...

I have the Nook for Android and I like it, but I don't think it will ever replace physical books for me.

Holly Dodson said...

Alicia- the Nook will never replace books for me either. The sad fact is though that I'm out of space. Super Spawn and I are living with my mom temporarily, so we only have 1 bedroom for both of us and all our stuff. A nook will greatly help to NOT increase the clutter any further. I have stacks of books everywhere -- it's pretty bad lol This was more of a necessary step than anything. :)

Alicia Gregoire said...

Holly, I understand the lack of room thing, but are you sure Super Spawn doesn't want to use books as building blocks?