Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Fail

It would seem I forgot Tuesday even existed.  I didn't plan a blog post, and only just realized it. 

And after staring at a blank screen for a good ten minutes...I've got nothing.  Every other day this week got planned.  Poor Tuesday.  Neglected.  Left alone to wander the wastelands of the blogoverse.

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic.

So, lets do a status update.  How are all of you, my lovelies?  Writing?  Revising?  Querying? 

I'm working on my shiny idea.  Totally in love with my main character -- she's freaking awesome.  And the premise is going to be a lot of fun, I think.

What about all of you?  Where are you at in the writing world right now?


KO: The Insect Collector said...

Waiting for some feedback and hopefully finishing up TIC.

And trying to make myself well so I can crank out two other ideas.

Pam Harris said...

I HAVE to get cracking on my next WIP. I've been halfway done for over 6 months, but I would love to crank out the second half by May. :)

Holly Dodson said...

Pam, I'll be online all weekend if you wanna do some writing sprints via Twitter. :)

Kat, feel better soon!!!

Alicia Gregoire said...

Well, I have to write up my notes for some person I know. Then, I have to start another beta. I hope to get another round of revisions on Phoenix Rising started this week too.

Kristine Asselin said...

Working on my first ever agent revisions. Not. Overwhelmed. At. All. :) Also working on two work-for-hire projects. Trying to stay focused, write every day, and continue to breath.

Have a great week!

Erinn said...

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the red headed step child of blog universe.

Susan said...

Aww, we forgive you for forgetting Tuesdays! It's such a forgettable day, really.

I'm writing...waiting for the second round of editorial revisions...but mostly just writing the new, very different SCREECHERS.

I'm glad your SNI is so fun!! :D