Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing Slumps

I'm in a rut.  A writing rut.  And I don't like it here.

It's not the ideas -- I've got plenty of those.  Plots?  Check.  Awesome characters?  Check.  Words?  Nada.


It happens to all of us, I know.  You sit there and stare at that document willing words to come to you.  Any words, really, even if they're crap.  But none show up.

And I'm sure it's caused by something different for everyone.  Stress, being busy, being upset, know, normal everyday things.

It hurts, doesn't it?  It's physically painful to sit there and stare at the screen and have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WRITE.  I mean, what kind of freaking life would that be -- a wordless one?  It'd be, worse than sad.  It'd be plain old awful.

But then we all know that with time, and a refusal to give up, the words will return.  They'll flow again if we just hang on.  Keep staring at that screen, keep developing those voices in our heads.  (No matter how crazy it makes us sound.)

Anybody with me?  What do you do to get out of a slump other than power through it in the most (im)patient way possible?

Don't worry...I'll keep staring at the blank page until the words come.  This isn't defeat, it's war.  ;)

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