Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bloggity Blah

I'm having a blah day, let's do a check in!  

I'm chugging along through my WIP with my shiny new outline.  I'm really loving working with it surprisingly enough.  I even still feel like I have plenty of room for the spontaneity that comes with pantsing.  Which is awesome.  Just yesterday as I was writing along my characters surprised me with a quite genius bit of worldbuilding I hadn't even considered.  Which is, again, awesome.

Super Spawn has officially started summer camp (which is still at his school) and is enrolled for 4k in the fall.  His birthday is in just one short week, and our Super Disney Vacation is only two weeks away.  To say June is an exciting month would be a gross understatement.  ;)  I'm left sitting here wondering where the last four years have gone, and how my sweet baby has turned into such a sweet big boy.  *insert mushy mom-ness here*

So, how are all of you?  WIPs coming along nicely?  Query trenches treating you fairly?  I hope so.

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