Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm back!

Sort of.  I'm still not totally sure what day it is...or what time it is...or where the heck I am.  lol  But I'm here!  *waves*

I was 100% without internet for the duration of my trip, and that was probably a good thing.  I needed a break to get back into tune with, you know, life.  Without the internet clouding my head, I also feel more in touch with my writing brain.  Which is an added bonus.

Our trip was fantastic.  There was so much laughter and excitement, it's a trip we won't soon forget.  Nor will my feet, which are still sore.  :P

As it turns out, my Super Spawn is a bit of a daredevil already at four.  He enjoyed the big rides like Splash Mountain and Test Track the most.

For those of you planning a trip with kids, we rented a stroller from Magic Strollers, and it was fantastic.  It was clean, great quality, and ready to pick up early.  In fact, I liked the stroller so much, I decided if I ever have another kid, I'll be buying one of them for myself.  lol

How has everyone been this week?  I feel so out of the loop!  What'd I miss?

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