Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cartoon Inspiration

You've gotta love kid movies.  Super Spawn has been into Kung Fu Panda lately, and I'll admit -- it's pretty darn cute.  We were watching it last night for the billionth time, and I was staring at my screen trying to come up with a descent post for you guys when Shifu delivers this little jewel of a line:

"You will have the one thing that no one else does."

Pretty much what's going on is the bad guy has defeated the five masters, and Shifu said that Po (the panda) is the only one that can defeat him...because he has the one thing that no one else does.

I think this applies to a lot of parts of life, and writing especially.  Each of us have different takes on stories, different ideas and approaches to telling them.  We each bring something special and unique to the table.

So why should we stick to this arduous journey of becoming published authors when the market is so tough?  What makes us special enough for that?  We each have something that no one else does -- and we need to share it.

Keep writing, keep dreaming.  I can't wait to see the world the way you do.  <3

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