Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second Date Syndrome

So, I'm sitting here wondering what to blog about as I munch my english muffin this morning.  (Yum.)  My mind zips through possibilities, dismissing each before they even have a chance to form.

Then I started thinking about that WIP I really should be working on, but just can't seem to face.  My right mind says, "Yeah, it sucks."  Then my left brain says, "The concept is solid, just push through it."  My right mind pipes back up, "No, really, it sucks.  I don't wanna."

That's when I had a realization.  Being a pantser isn't always easy.  (Duh, but that's not the realization.)  You go into a story pretty much blind aside from a character and an idea.  The first chapter is akin to the first date.  "Oh, hi, tell me about yourself!"  Yeah, he's cute and all, but oh my gravy did you hear him laugh?  Sounds like a donkey!  And if you're honest with yourself, maybe he's a little dense, and not at all funny.

But you agree to a second date.  "Give it another shot," you think, "I'm sure he's a super nice guy, and he was just nervous."  When the date comes though, you're full of dread.

Well, maybe it's time to open your eyes and face the fact that it's just not a good fit, huh?

That's about where I'm at with this dumb WIP.  Second Date Syndrome is in full effect.

Do you guys ever have this problem?  Or am I just creating excuses for myself?

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