Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disney World -- Park Tips

Here I am again with my non-writing (but really writing) related posts on Disney World!


;)  So, today I've got some tips on venturing through the parks.  I've been about eleventy billion times, so maybe this'll be useful for...someone...somewhere.

Anywho, on with the show.

Tip #1 - Wear sunscreen.  Oh my gravy please, please wear sunscreen.  I don't care if it's cloudy and overcast or chilly or whatever.  You WILL get a sunburn.  And so will your kids.  SUNSCREEN.  (Don't make me shout, I really don't like to.  My family calls me the sunscreen nazi for a reason.)

Tip #2 - If you go in the summer, it will rain.  Just embrace the idea.  It won't last long -- probably thirty minutes from storm onset to sunny skies.  Buy a poncho and enjoy the shorter lines.

Tip #3 - If you're going with small children, plan on an afternoon break at the resort.  The parks are HUGE.  There is tons of walking, and the kiddies are going to get cranky by 2pm.  You watch, I'm right.  (Also, Disney rental strollers?  So not comfy for sleeping.)

Tip #4 - Animal Kingdom is not an all day park.  If you plan to visit AK, I suggest you buy the park hopper option so you can morning in the AK and then jump over somewhere else for the evening and fireworks.  OH and for the safari, be there first thing in the morning to see the most animals.  ;)

Tip #5 - Yeah, so I know you're on vacation and all, but if you want to deal with less crowds, get to the park at opening.  For real.  I'm going to try and get some pictures for proof on this one (I may have some from the HP World trip, actually.). 

Bonus Tip #6 - Buy the water.  So, my senior year in high school my graduating class went to Grad Night at Disney.  For several days actually.  And I'll tell you, the prices in Disney are not cheap -- for anything.  So my bestie refused to pay their ridiculous prices for bottles of water.  Can you guess where that got her?  She collapsed on the sidewalk and wound up in an ambulance, and then the hospital.  I don't care how much the bottled water costs, buy it.  Stay hydrated.  It's incredibly important, especially in the summer months. 

There you have it -- Disney from a regular's perspective.  (Also, shoes -- don't be crazy, wear something comfortable.  These people in high heels in the parks just kill me.)

As they say in Disney, "Have a magical day!"

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