Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun With Betas

I have awesome writer friends -- a bunch of them, in fact.  One conversation I had with Erinn this past weekend really highlighted all the attributes of my splendiferous group.  Read on, and prepare to giggle with us... (Or at us, you know, whatever.)

We were talking about an awesome MS we've both beta'd and this happened...

Me: I told her to get to work on book 2 lol
Erinn:  ME TOO!
Me: hahaha I wanna know what happens!
Are the {Characters} good or bad?!  I can't decide!
Erinn:  I KNOW!!!
It's awesome.
Me: It is.
Very awesome.
I kinda want to email her and make her tell me...because I'm impatient like that.
Erinn:  Do it, she'll love it.
Me:  Actually, I kinda want to blog about this exchange... lol
Erinn:  Do that too.
Me:  A "This is how you know you've got awesome writer friends" post
Me:  1 - You get texts throughout the day ranging from freaked out to excited because of Agent's tweets.
2 - You have awesome debates over IM about the awesome MS you both beta'd.
3 - Then you talk about what an awesome blog post it'll make. lmao
Erinn:  NICE
Me:  4 - You realize how many times you just used the word awesome.
Erinn:  5- You're sort of ashamed your vocab sucks so bad, because you know you're supposed to be a writer.
6- You say fuck it because anyone who uses big words sucks anyway and the word awesome is awesome.
Yep, totally blogging this.
Erinn:  Nice
Me:  Do you wish to be named in the post or no?
Why yes, yes we do.
There you have it.  A typical conversation with one of my AWESOME writer friends.  I <3 my writer buddies.  They're all super awesome.

Having someone to share all of these moments with, all the ups and downs and nerves and triumphs and upsets is, well...  Awesome.

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