Thursday, April 8, 2010

Math Time!

I see you cringing over there, but don't worry, I'm doing all the formulating.

Last night I was writing and thinking. When I am doing my Write or Die sprints I write an average of 300 words every 10 minutes. Naturally that led to me wondering how long it takes me to actually write a whole book. I'm not talking dream it up, plotting, editing, any of that. Just words to page, write or die style. So I did the math!

I average 300 words every 10 minutes. My goal for WIP is 60,000 words.

60,000 divided by 300 = 200 - So I have 200, 300 word sessions in a 60k novel.

200 multiplied by 10 = 2,000 - That's 2k minutes invested.

2,000 divided by 60 = 33.33 - A total of 33.33 hours to push a 60k word book out.

That just seems crazy to me! I know you've got hours to add in on the formulating, planning, thinking, dreaming, editing, revising, etc, etc, etc.

But still! 33.33 hours is not that long when you think about it. It makes the ending of my WIP seem much, much closer and more achievable for some reason.

Am I the only one that looks at things this way? Please tell me I'm not too crazy.

I<3 Math.

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