Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Fun

I've seen some funny things over the web this week, and a few things that make me squeeee! So, today will be a mismash of things I found interesting.

Must share- I cannot WAIT for Kierstin White's PARANORMALCY to come out...and LOOK! It's a countdown!

And the Agency Gatekeeper posted this hilarity, which I feel needs to be shared with all.

You should also check out agent Nathan Bransford's Query System Experiment. He posted 5 random queries which were voted on, and then a 30 page sample of the stories to be voted on as well. It was to determine if the querying system is effective in choosing stories that sell based on such a short word count.

There was also an interesting post on DGLM's blog about writing manuals and if they really are effective. I, personally, only ventured into the writing manual section once I had a completed manuscript. The books I've used have been on structure and expectations of agents and publishers in general. There are a lot of interesting comments on the post as well.

Was there anything epically awesome that I missed this week? If so, please share!

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